Stop just
‘going through
the motions’

Learn how to LIVE your life with health,
happiness and gratitude.

Focus on Your…

For having an amazing body inside and out. Knowing your health means more than going to the gym and that your health is important to your overall wellness.

For overall balance between a healthy mind, healthy body and understanding of your self. The ultimate fusion of everything that is well in your life.

For improving your outlook on life and increasing happiness each day. Your mindset is the key to everything in your life, including your own inner happiness.

For an understanding that being thankful for what we already have in our lives, means we will be given more of what we want.

Who is Nik Taylor?

Nik Taylor is a happiness and mindset extraordinaire. She has coached multiple teams to business success teaching the mindset methods and strategies she had put in place for her own business.

On top of this, Nik is a mum to 3 thriving boys and a wife to her hard working and supportive husband Michael. And because of this, Nik also understands the importance of self-care. She knows that in order for her family to be happy and healthy, she needs to be happy and healthy.

Nik has learned that your mindset is everything when it comes to everyday living, whether it’s keeping your family going, your own internal happiness or having a successful business.

With a passion for helping women lead lives that are abundant and filled with mindfulness, Nik has created an environment where you can leave your overwhelm behind and find time to focus on you.