The 5 Best Meditation Apps For Busy Women

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Meditation has so many incredible health benefits, plus it makes you feel amazing. Here are the best meditation apps to help you meditate on the go.

You’re busy. I know you are. Because I’m busy too and I get it. We live in a world that demands our attention every second of our waking day (and even sometimes in our sleep… have you ever dreamt about an ad you saw that day??) It can be so overwhelming. We are always on the go, running on empty … Read More

7 Affirmations To Get Me Through My Day

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Affirmations much such a difference to my day to day life, and I have a handful I rely on to get me through each day. Click through to see which affirmations I use.

As women these days, we are under so much pressure to look good, lose weight, eat healthy, be successful in a profession, look after a family and run a household. The pressure from these expectations that we put on ourselves have had a huge impact on the mental and physical health of all women ranging from all different ages. I have … Read More