9 Positive Affirmations To Teach Your Kids

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We know how powerful positive affirmations are for ourselves, but they are also fantastic for kids. Try these 9 positive affirmations with your kids today.

I know that being a mum to 3 crazy boys, the one thing that I want for them is for them to live their lives to the fullest. While growing up can be fun, it also bring with it times of worry, stress and sometimes failure. Sometimes as parents we are at a loss to know what to do to help our kids when they feel helpless and don’t know what to do.

Of course we all naturally want our kids to feel good about themselves so we end up over praising them and unfortunately this just doesn’t seem to work a lot of the time. In saying that though, praise is always a good thing just not all of the time.

TIP: Leave a small note with a positive affirmation written on it when your child is least expecting it. It’s a great idea to try and it really helps turn their thought patterns to a more positive nature than perhaps the negative one that they started out with when they left for school that morning.

Remarks from friends and bullies at school are hard to process, yet kids can be their own hardest critics and having these positive affirmations around them can unpretentiously help them change those negative inward voices.

Just as we eat healthy food to help our bodies grow strong and healthy so we have positive and happy thoughts to help our minds so we can grow up feeling strong and confident inside.

So What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are short statements of personal belief that make us feel good about ourselves and our abilities and achievements.

It is important that they are said or written in the first person, present tense and are positive.

Top athletes use affirmations to help them achieve their goals and improve their performance.

Positive affirmations help us reduce negative self-talk and remind us of who we are, our greatness and what we want to achieve.

The more we repeat happy and positive thoughts, the more happy and positive we feel.

The more we think happy and positive thoughts, the more likely we are to say positive words and so it perform positive actions.

By teaching your children to choose an affirmation and repeat it 10 times when they wake up, before they sleep or go into any new or stressful situation.  This should make your child feel much better.

We know how powerful positive affirmations are for ourselves, but they are also fantastic for kids. Try these 9 positive affirmations with your kids today.

9 Positive Affirmations for Kids: 

I Choose My Attitude

Teaching your children that their attitude is a choice is transformational. When you child tells you they are angry, ask them why they are choosing to be angry and see their approach to a situation change. This is a fantastic affirmation for teenagers who struggle with mood changes and impulse reactions to situations.

I am Confident and Believe in Myself

If I could allow my children to see themselves through my eyes it would be amazing, but that’s not possible so instead I do everything I can to help them build their own confidence. Believing in your child is one thing, teaching them to believe in themselves in another.

I am Awesome

One of my favourite affirmations (that I still tell myself) and is just so much fun to say. This is a brilliant affirmation for younger children and is super cute when a three year old says it.

I am Thankful

If you have older kids you can use the word ‘grateful’ instead, however younger children find ‘thankful’ to be easier to understand. I often ask my kids ‘what are you thankful for today’ which is a great side step to this affirmation. This is a lovely affirmation for your kids to say at night as they reflect on their day.

I am Cool and Calm

I love encouraging my kids to use this affirmation in response to situations where they feel they have no control, or when things don’t quite go to plan, where a usual response would be an outburst or anger. It’s a great affirmation to re-centre your kids and allow them to calm before they respond.

I Can Do Whatever I Focus My Mind On

Another motivating affirmation to help build up your kids confidence while reminding them that focus is what helps achieve what they want. More geared towards the teenagers but also good for pre-teens.

I Make Like-Minded Friends Easy and Naturally

If your child has ever had difficulty making new friends it can be heartbreaking for both you and your child. Once they get into the mindset that ‘people don’t like me’ it can be really difficult to break out of and they may even start repelling potential friends due to fear of being let down. This affirmation is fantastic in helping them move past this fear and focus on the ‘like-minded’ friends part, attracting the right kids of friends.

I Embrace My Fears Fully and Calmly

Kids get scared. But letting them know that it’s okay to embrace their fear and it’s okay to be afraid is so empowering. This may not be an affirmation used every day but is definitely one that can be reassuring when needed.

I am Brilliant and Can Do Whatever I Want

I love this affirmation. Teamed with ‘I can do whatever I focus my mind on’, these are two very powerful affirmations that will empower and encourage your children to go after what they want in live and believe they are good enough to achieve their goals.

Save these affirmations and talk with your child about which affirmation they choose rather than telling them which one they need. This will also prompt them to be able to choose the affirmations they need, when they need them and be much more powerful.

Do you have any other affirmations you use with your children?

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